Matías Valenzuela, head of our Patent Department, participated as a speaker in the program “Impacta I+D 2021”, organized by the Direction of Technological Management USACH.

In this instance, our patent specialist addressed the topic “Intellectual Property Protection: A key milestone in any R+D+i process”. He explained the stages of the inventive process, from ideation and creation to the introduction of a new product in the market, but with greater emphasis on the process of intellectual property protection.

“Every R&D&I process is born from an idea, which is then transformed into a project, which in turn generates a new product or service to be, finally, transferred to the market, but before impacting the industry there is a key stage in this whole process, and that is the protection of intellectual property,” said Matias Valenzuela.

We thank the organizers for inviting a member of our team to share the details of the process of patenting ideas, which is very important for the future development of the products and services that are created, especially at a time when entrepreneurship is an important part of the development of countries.