On Thursday, March 2, a webinar was organized by the Interamerican Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI), in which our senior associate and head of the patent department, Matías Valenzuela, participated as a panelist.

In this instance, the topic addressed was the Hague Agreement, focusing on the prospects for Latin America. This corresponds to a modality of international processing of industrial designs, with the objective of granting protection to such designs in several countries or regions, with the least number of formalities possible.

The Mexican experience since it joined the Treaty in 2020 was presented, addressing the advantages of this international figure with respect to the traditional way, and how Mexico has adapted to the Hague Agreement in recent years. It should be noted that the only countries in Latin and Central America that are members of the Hague Agreement are Brazil, Mexico, Belize, Suriname and Jamaica, and more countries in the region are expected to become members.

Regarding Chile’s perspective, Matías Valenzuela addressed the generalities of industrial designs in Chile, and whether there have been proposals to join the Hague Agreement at the national level.

We invite you to review the webinar Hague Agreement: Perspectives for Latin America organized by ASIPI here:

Hague Agreement: Prospects for Latin America

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