During the last six months, because of the economic crisis, there has been a proliferation of very original ventures, which have used platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to reach a much wider audience. This has also coincided with a notable increase in trademark applications; between January and September of this year more than 42.000 new trademarks have beenapplied for, of which 78% were submitted by Chileans.

This is no coincidence, since the greater exposure generated by the use of social media makes it essential for new entrepreneurs to count with protection for their trademarks.

Owning a registry ensures the ownership of a name or image. Therefore, having a trademark prevents third parties from preventing the sale of goods and services due to similar pre-existing trademarks or images. A concrete example of this is the recent case of “Miel Gibson”, whose viralization through social networks even attracted the attention of the representatives of the American actor, Mel Gibson.

On the other hand, being the owner of a registered trademark also offers entrepreneurs protection against third parties who intend to sell products or services with a similar name. This is particularly relevant when it comes to marketing by social media, since the different platforms allow their users to report the use of their trademark, as long as they can prove their ownership.

In the cases of Instagram and Facebook, a form must be filled out, which is available on the website, and the claimant must attach all the background information that proves their ownership of the trademark. Building a brand requires time and resources, the only way to protect the associated investment and thus, ensure the proper development of business, is by protecting it through a registration.