Lupe Ulloa


Lupe is a biologist in charge of drafting patents related to the biology, agrochemistry, pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields, in Chile and abroad. Likewise, she collaborates in the processes related to search reports of the state of the art, F.T.O., analysis and replies of expert reports.


Technical Studies in Agriculture at SENA, Bogotá, Colombia, 2008; 

Bachelor of Science, Major in Biology, Sogang University, Seoul, Korea, 2014.

Relevant courses:

Courses in Human Biology and Chemistry, and Courses on Agriculture regarding Water, Chemicals and Handing of Organic Residues, Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea, 2014

Introduction to the Patent Cooperation Treaty. The WIPO Academy, 2016.

Basics of Patent Drafting. The WIPO Academy, 2016.

Patent Information Search. The WIPO Academy, 2017.


Spanish, English and Korean