Sofía Covarrubias, head of our International Trademark Department, participated in the XXI ASIPI Congress, organization of which our firm is a member. In this instance, the activity, whose slogan was “ASIPI looks to the Future”, was aimed at preparing and informing members to face the upcoming challenges in intellectual property matters, both for the changes of this century and for the difficulties brought by the pandemic.

In this event, Sofia participated as a speaker in the workshop “Evaluation of the Implementation of the Madrid Protocol in Latin America, Recent Experiences”, where the experiences of the nations of the region were reviewed so that other countries can take a firmer position when choosing or not this mechanism.

“In Chile we are in a preparatory stage. We are investigating in other countries where the Protocol already exists to take better advantage of this tool,” said Sofia.

In this presentation, they pointed out that one of the greatest advantages of adhering to this protocol is that the countries that are participants become more attractive to trademark owners. Many companies that once did not want to register their trademarks in that nation now do.

These instances are fundamental for our team to have an approach to what is happening in the surrounding countries, and thus prepare for the changes that are coming.